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Looking for a better way to cook pasta without a pot?

The pasta cooker uses thermal conductivity to cook your pasta. It eliminates the hassle of putting pasta in a pot, burning your hands while draining and washing a giant pot stuck with cooking residue.

But it doesn't just cook pasta ... the pasta machine is great for cooking nutritious peas, broccoli, asparagus, shrimp and more. Even hot dogs! All without boiling off all the valuable vitamins and minerals they contain.

The portable design means you can take it with you camping, boating or in your RV. Enjoy your favorite dishes outside the kitchen.

cuiseur a pates
cuiseur a pate
cuiseur de pates
machine cuisson pate

🔶 No need to play with stovetop temperatures anymore. The innovative pasta cooker uses thermal conductivity to keep your pasta cooking at the perfect temperature, ensuring the best pasta - every time.

🔶 Expandable multi-wheel cutters feature a locking feature to ensure precise, consistent cuts; adjust the wheels to the desired spacing and tighten the wing nut to lock the cutters.

🔶 The pasta cooker features a sturdy plastic case, 6 pasta plates with storage case create a variety of pasta


✅  Step 1. Place your pasta in the container and cover it with boiling water. Then, attach the self-tightening strainer and place it on the thermal lid

✅  Step 2. Your pasta will now cook to the perfect temperature, either watching in amazement or going about your day. No shaking, sticking or burning!

✅  Step 3. When you are ready, remove the thermal cover and effortlessly drain the water.

  Step 4. Voila! Perfect pasta, no hassle! Pair with your favorite sauce, we love a zesty tomato sauce with freshly picked basil.

  Step 5. Now it's everyone's least favorite part. Washing. But don't worry ! The non-stick pasta surface no longer means that sticky, hard-to-clean pasta residue. Just throw it in the dishwasher and you're done!


  • Material : plastic

  • Color : as shown in the picture  

  • Size : 31,5 x 10,8 x 11,2 cm  


  • 1 * Express pasta cooker         

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