Baby kangaroo t-shirt

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Does your baby refuse to stay in his or her seat and prefer to hang on to you all the time?   

This kangaroo baby carrier t-shirt allows you to carry your baby simply. It makes it easy to win as a new mom or dad!   

This baby carrier t-shirt allows dads to hold their babies like kangaroos, it's the easiest way for a new dad to bond with baby. It has a slim fit, similar to normal men's t-shirts, and an airy mesh panel between the belly and baby that promotes bonding. It's also available for moms!  

It only takes seconds to put your baby in, just open the pocket and place your baby inside. There is no need to wrap, adjust, buckle or tie anything to make it work. Just slip your newborn into your giant kangaroo front pocket and go.  

Baby kangaroo t-shirt
Baby kangaroo t-shirt

🔶 Comfortable pouch :Mom can easily comfort her newborn with the secure yet expandable pouch that creates an intimate swaddle against mom. The headrest folds down to hold baby's head while sleeping and easily folds into the pouch when not in use.

🔶 Stylish top : It can be worn in any season. The fashionable fabric and design make this tank top easy to wear in the summer, and it works well with all the layers that form in the spring, fall and even winter.

🔶 Versatile : This baby carrier t-shirt can be used both as a baby carrier and as a regular t-shirt. It makes it easy to carry your baby or your little cat/dog hanging out.


The Kangaroo Baby Carrier Shirt is a top with a built-in nursing bra for moms and a comfortable carrying pouch for your baby. It features a mesh inner panel for breathability, an adjustable headrest and pocket extender, and a softer-than-ever bra panel for all-day comfort. 

Features :

  • Materials : 70% cotton + 20% polyester + 10% acrylic very soft and comfortable 

  • Design : kangaroo function, large front pocket.  

  • Two designs : men's short sleeve, women's tank top.  

Content :

  • 1 * Baby kangaroo t-shirt           

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