Portable wireless welding station

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Are you looking for an efficient, space-saving welding device? 

Then our Arc Pro BB is for you, it is the best portable welding machine in its class with efficient run times. The Arc BB Pro uses advanced technology to provide you with the power of a traditional welding machine!

With an efficiency rating of 92%, you can be assured of its efficiency and productivity.  

Portable wireless welding station
Portable wireless welding station

🔶 Portability: With its small size, you won't have to worry about bulky or heavy machines. Reduce noise while improving the efficiency of your welds!

poste a souder portable

🔶  Advanced IGBT technology: the Arc-Pro BB mini welder's highly advanced and intelligent digital display control system is simple to use and will help you complete your project in a flash!

poste a souder portatif

🔶 Faster weld times and reduced weld spatter allow for accuracy and excellent performance with this mini welder. 


Insulated gate bipolar transistor technology ensures the stability and power of your Arc-Pro BB welder . This design reduces input voltage while maintaining a high level of power conversion..  


  • Advanced digital display for easy current adjustments   

  • High frequency inverter 

  • Faster arc times and reduced weld spatter  

  • Precise welding accuracy for excellent performance   


  • 1 * ARC Pro BB portable soldering station         

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