Protective Film Anti-Rain and Fog (Set of 2)

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Keep your mirrors away from fog and heavy rain!

  This anti-rain film is designed with transmittance materials that allow anti-reflection, anti-fog, moisture on days of strong weather or fog. This protective film provides safety while driving in foggy and rainy weather. 

Protective Film Anti-Rain and Fog (Set of 2)
Protective Film Anti-Rain and Fog (Set of 2)

🔶 Perfect protection: Preserve and protect your mirrors from stains, dirt, dust and scratches, for perfect visibility.

🔶 Both thinner and cleaner, it provides unparalleled clarity to your mirror on days of heavy fog and rain.

🔶 Durable: It will keep your mirror clear for a long time. It is incredibly durable and can withstand any weather.


Its installation can be done in a few minutes, first put a little water on the surface of the mirror, apply and stick the protective film on the mirror. Then flatten it with a scraper.  


  • Materials : P.E.T  

  • Color : Transparent  

  • Usage: Rear view mirror  


  • Set of 2 Protective Films

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