Plastic vehicle retreading agent

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You want to refurbish your vehicles? This is the solution! 

Easily restore your car's exterior with this miraculous product. Vehicle Trim and Plastic Restorer makes your vehicle look like new again with just a few applications, restoring the shine to your colored plastic parts with an easy to use product.

Plastic vehicle retreading agent
Plastic vehicle retreading agent

🔶 This renovator was designed with a premium formula. It then repels rain, dust and dirt. It also removes tough stains that cause your plastics to lose their shine. 

🔶 This powerful restorer remedies the old age of your car components. As a result, you will observe no unsightly marks or residues on your vehicle.

It was made with natural components such as aloe vera, lanolin and olive oil. This renovator also serves as a protective anti-UV coating and prevents discoloration and wear of your plastics for up to 3 years.  

The retreading agent restores the color of the plastic and prevents its aging. It also extends the life of rubber parts.


  • Capacity: 30ml or 50 ml

  • Ingredient: Natural and ecological essences


  • 1x Renove Plastic     

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